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Bike logistics as blueprint for the city.

A concept that provides people to manage their own logistic services and contributes to city logistics.

Location Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Client Gemeente Amsterdam
Timing 2022
Size 250 - 1.000 spm
Biking is the future Amsterdam counts 835.000 residents who are responsible for 665.000 bike movements through the city every day.
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The cycling city

Amsterdam is a cycling city. A city with good accessibility and where living, working and relaxing are increasingly intertwined. With the presence of 881,000 bicycles and 510,000 bicycles in use per day, it is a means of transport of the presence and even more of the future. 835,000 people live in Amsterdam, approximately 665,000 bicycle rides are completed every day. On top of that, the bicycle is also used in logistics to deliver parcels, food and other necessities, especially with the rise of the electric bicycle.

Congestion points of bike movements Create small logistic hubs where people and companies can manage their own logistic services.
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The green deal.

The city center and the surrounding residential areas are overflowing with delivery vehicles. At the end of 2014, the municipality of Amsterdam signed an intention agreement with various large market parties for parcel delivery to be as CO2 neutral as possible within the ring road by 2025. The challenge is fewer movements and fewer emissions. This means that parcels have to be delivered via completely emission-free systems.

How does it work?
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5-15 min.

Nicely designed parcel safes from different sizes where you can pick-up and drop off your online shopped clothing. Try them on and if it’s the wrong size, you can return them immediately. Combine it with washing your bike or e-scooter and a quick phone charge and your efficient as hell!

Key drivers:

– Max 15 min experience unmanned

– Pick-up & drop off

– Self service high pressure syringe for washing your bike, cross bike, e-scooter…

– Manage your waste

– Coffee to go


Fix your bike or get your bike fixed. No lights? Buy them here!

Key drivers:

– Max 30 min experience

– Bike fix

– Quick charge your bike and phone

– Stay with your coffee and chit chat

30+ min.

Fix your bike or get your bike fixed. No lights? Buy them here!

Key drivers:

– Recharge your bike

– Do some work or have a meeting while you wait


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