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Courtyard Chester

This new Courtyard hotel located next to Chester trainstation. The movements around this place are translated into a dynamic, parametric and modular facade.

Future Chester

Location Chester, United Kingdom
Size 9000 sqm
Client Vastint Hospitality B.V.
Timing 2020

As an expression of new movement, APTO’s design for the Courtyard hotel in Chester stands out in its surroundings. The new hotel, located at a prominent location next to Chester train station and City Place, is surrounded by movement and will be one of the highest buildings in Chester. The dynamics of the area is reflected in the building’s volume and façade. The sharp corner towards the train station makes the volume even more impressive when you approach the hotel. The building’s volume is pushed up on the ground floor at the railway side to create an open plinth and connect interior with exterior to blend in with Chester’s public life. The dynamic façade breaks up the large volume into layers which seem to be affected by the movement around the site. The rhythmic pattern with its reflection and red tones makes the building represent future Chester.

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Minimized waste

The hotel is constructed from multiple modular systems. The hotel rooms are built up from prefab cross laminated timber (CLT) elements and the façade is parametrically designed in a way to minimize material waste and construction time. The largest part of the façade is built from just one singular panel type used in different directions. With this smart approach APTO was able to push the design to a higher level and create more depth in the façade and still be efficient.

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