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Land_Goed offers a solution for forced city leavers: people with an urban mentality who are forced to leave the city, but who are looking for a special and affordable place to live in the vicinity of the city.

Housing for forced city leavers.

Location The Netherlands
Size 1000-10.000 sqm

For many people living in the city is no longer affordable. Today, almost thirty percent of all households that move outside of Amsterdam are forced to leave the city. As an alternative, they often end up in suburban municipalities that have less liveliness and diversity than they were used to in the city. Affordable square meters in combination with an urban living mentality would be an ideal solution. LAND_GOED offers a solution for “forced city leavers”: people with an urban mentality who are forced to leave the city, but who are looking for a special and affordable place to live in the vicinity of the city.

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A visual impression and explanation of LAND_GOED.

Forced city leavers

The solution is an attractive and interesting concept for various age groups. What brings them together is the desire for a place where peace, diversity, sustainable living and being yourself come together. LAND_GOED has individuality and diversity in architecture and living environment and offers more character than the boring suburbs, where this group would prefer not to live.

Break with tradition

The aim is to offer an alternative within the current housing supply in order to offer forced city leavers a place to land properly. In LAND_GOED a break is made with traditional land use, the financial system, and the way we live together in line with their urban mentality. With this we create an opportunity to bring inspiring and affordable houses to the market that make it easier to live sustainably in the middle of a shared landscape. We have compared our reallotment to traditional Dutch land use. Based on four case studies of the vinex neighborhoods the ratio of living space / green space / infrastructure is 20/35/45. By focusing on an urban mentality, we have set up a new model with more compact homes and shared greenery and services. To make LAND_GOED affordable, existing development and financing models are being challenged. Plot costs per m2 can be reduced by “building smart”. In addition, we propose a different approach to financing in which real estate investors (e.g. pension funds) take a long-term share in the leasehold and apartments. This in combination with private ownership of the resident on the basis of shares and whose part can be further expanded evenly.

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A shared foundation

Several functions are shared on the scale of a neighborhood. Think of a public space that can be used as a multifunctional space, gym, café or convenience store, the parking lot and a variety of smaller outdoor spaces that are located between the clusters. Each cluster consists of 4 houses attached to a common core. We strive to minimize the size of the apartments. For that reason, the installation rooms and stairwells are formed in a common core, in order to achieve maximum living space within the apartments. A larger variant contains an extension of this core. In this case, a common area is created for the 4 houses that can be used as an extension of the living space.

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