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Pick and Bike

Bike logistics as blueprint for the city.

Manage your own on demand service in connecting hubs underneath the A10 road.

Location Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Client Gemeente Amsterdam
Timing 2022
Size 250 - 1.000 spm

Biking is the future

  1. Amsterdam counts 835.000 residents who are responsible for 740.000 bike movements through the city every day.
  2. All city logistics within Amsterdam needs to be emission-free by 2025.
  3. There are undesired places underneath the ring road of Amsterdam that have a lot of daily slow traffic.


Pick and Bike

We designed ‘Pick and Bike’ hubs: small scale, modular service hubs where commercial parties can provide logistic and convenience services for pedestrians and cyclist on the Zuidas Amsterdam. These hubs have a strong societal value: they stimulate active transport, provide the on demand services, create opportunities for local entrepreneurs, contribute to CO2-free cities, enhance the livability of these spaces and increase social safety.

Congestion points of bike movements Create small logistic hubs where people and companies can manage their own logistic services.
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Sustainable logistics vs. experience

In Pick and Bike we combine local products, electric logistic supplies and white label parcel lockers with a social aspect: we add art & light installations, a green design and an eco-theme f&b offer. We do this by connecting self-sufficient service units with one demountable connecting construction to give it a homogeneous design. The self-sufficient units consist of an art & green unit, a mobility unit, parcel and recycling unit, a food & beverages unit and one flexible promotion unit.

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