Apto World
The Rebyl
Tranformation of history into exclusive inclusive identity
Transform a historic former girl school into a local unique rebellious hospitality concept
the Rebyl nijmegen - apto architects
international impressive identity
Building a corporate clubhouse for global clients
enstall office clubhouse amsterdam zuidas - apto architects
Creating future proof office real estate
Repositioning of an office building
S-Dock herpositionering kantoorgebouw Karel Doormanweg Schiedam - apto architects
Most sustainable office of the city
Front runner in reactivating office buildings
Koploper Amersfoort herpositionering kantoorgebouw - apto architects
Homestead Tuinen van West
Taste the polder on your pizza
Building a healthy green community through local food
Homestead Tuinen van West pizzeria apto architects circulair gebouwd restaurant
Kokomo freehaven
An island on an island as local community hotspot
For Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam APTO Architects develops a local neighbourhood hotspot. Families, students and status holders are mingling in an easy going environment.
kokomo zeeburgereiland apto
Park apartments
housing in a sacred place
More park AND more apartments
StWillebrord dorpsstraat - apto architects
Pizzeria da Michele
The outside is inside
A slice of Italy in Amsterdam. How to build the instagrammable illusion of outdoor terrace inside a narrow city centre plan for the famous Eat Pray Love pizza place.
interior of pizzeria da Michele with mural of Julia Roberts
Omgevings checker.nl
One click building permit
The online tool that speeds up planning procedures by months
omgevingschecker.nl data tool for planning procedures - apto architects - kurtosis
De Houten Kop
Stacked all-wood-building
For the design of the residential building Houten Kop in Kaappark of Rotterdam (Katendrecht), we merged the outdoor timber and trees with indoor CLT walls and wooden furniture.
decorative image
Inspire to go green
Circular meeting hub at Amvest HQ that hosts a wide variety of rooms and great hospitality
decorative image
Masterplan Klaprozen buurt
Pioneering placemaking
mixed materplan for abandoned industrial site
klaprozenbuurt apto architects
The office as creative living room
The design - inspired by the painting Coulisse effect - breaks up the long space into dynamic zoning that hosts different functions for employees; to work in groups, alone, physically meet or have a call.
decorative image
Wunder mart
the ultimate unmanned shop
Future path for self-service convenience software company
wundermart wundershop strategy design by apto architects
Eden hotel
Revival of a sparkless place
A revitalization of 2 hotels into 1 vibrant hotel experience. From the river Amstel to Rembrandtsquare, visitors follow a long line of different atmospheres from posh to buzz.
Eden hotel Rembrandtplein revival - Apto architects
Post Oost office & center
Revive a monument into people's place
Movables houses inside a house
post oost renovatie wijttenbachstraat amsterdam - apto architects
The Work & Play office.
A hospitality focussed workplace with a heart of games, an open kitchen and a bar.
decorative image
AC Inverness
Sleep like a braveheart in Scotland
How to get a highlander into a hotel
ac inverness apto architects
Element extended stay
Focussing on being 'awake'
Brand development from future user typology to a self-serviced sustainable hotel
decorative image
Insulinde fabriek
A place that strengthens the local community
Three beautiful historic buildings form the social heart of Cruquius island
decorative image
Charly's House hotel
At home at Charly's hotel
Rebrand Revive Relax. How to reposition an existing hotel as a 3 star select service hype in Leipzig. Welcome to Hypezig.
interior hotel rooom hotele legere express charlys house - apto architects
A stage for innovation.
A space that functions like a theatre, but thinks like a computer
decorative image
SHV Energy
A valley of green at the core of the workplace.
An employee focused workplace with a valley of green and hospitality at its core.
decorative image
Concierged boutique apartments
Concierged boutique apartments concept for unlocking neighbourhoods, travelling together and feeling at home.
decorative image
Uitsmijter restaurant
The power of simplicity
A hyperspecialised café focusing on the power of simple with a classic Dutch dish.
decorative image
X Meeting Point
From show events to innovation spot with immersive experiences.
The new next generation convention centre X Meeting Point is trendsetting by shifting from agricultural fairs and outdoor sport events to corporate pressure cookers. Surrounded by 50.000 square meter of Norwegian nature, the 20.000 m2 convention centre in Oslo needed a big transformation.
decorative image
ReRoot economic model
Bufferzones next to Nature 2000 areas
New economic models for agriculture
decorative image
Moxy Hotels
The millennial brand
From the first Moxy in the world we designed exterior, interior and branding for over 50 hotels for the millennial brand of Marriott.
moxy hotel interior design experience Marriott - Apto architects
De Groene Stad
Connected by green
A nature inclusive living world for the 'Tuinder' living in Amsterdam West.
decorative image
Teijin Aramid
Creating chemistry
Apto Architects has transformed the former lab of Teijin Aramid into a workspace of 6.000 sqm.
decorative image
Pick and Bike
The new generation of “bike logistics”.
Bike logistics as blueprint for the city.
decorative image
Circular Hotspot
Sharing, inventing and creating new solutions for the circular economy.
decorative image
Courtyard Chester
New movement at trainstation area
This new Courtyard hotel located next to Chester trainstation. The movements around this place are translated into a dynamic, parametric and modular facade.
decorative image
Grab & Fly
It is all about speed
Facilitating the speedy customer “Speed in service, speed in appearance, speed in construction”
decorative image
Circular Work Locations
A framework to develop true circular work locations
Strategy for implementing circular principles for future area developments in the West axes of Holland.
decorative image
A solution for 'forced city leavers'.
Land_Goed offers a solution for forced city leavers: people with an urban mentality who are forced to leave the city, but who are looking for a special and affordable place to live in the vicinity of the city.
decorative image
Unlock the institution
A transition from assistive living facility for elderly to a community centre for the neighbourhood.
decorative image