hostel a1

It goes without explanation that the location of the building is perfect: near the Overtoom and Vondelpark. A hostel on this location will provide tourists a comfortable place to stay. There are different ways to use the building as a hostel that fits in the development plan.


In the BASIC option two floors (450 m²) will be added on the roof. The whole building could then be used as a hostel. The MAX option adds an extra mass of 1300 m² to the back of the building. Again, the whole building will be used as a hostel. The MIX option adds a mass of 860 m² of housing in the back. This will activate an extra entrance at the Zocherstraat. Next to all options, the BASEMENT can be used as a commercial space, such as a supermarket. The must-do-option is to open up the front facade at the ground floor so there will be more transparency.


location Amsterdam
size 10.000m2
client Private investor
timing Pending
Mark Halbmeijer
Mark Halbmeijer
Milan Bergh
Milan Bergh
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