Insulinde fabriekAmsterdam Cruquiuseiland

a new social hotspot

In the year of 1913 the oil factory “Insulinde” was founded and its headquarter was located at the Cruquiusweg in the East of Amsterdam. In 2018, the old vacant buildings finally found its new purpose as a new vibrant social heart of this area. One of the buildings is already realised: The micro-brewery of “Bruut Bier” recently opened its doors in our renovation design.

nano hospitality

The Cruquius area in Amsterdam provides a mix of housing, workspace and leisure. APTO Architects was asked to develop the Cruquius 1.5 part: the green social heart of the area where actual “Nano hospitality” takes place. A destination to go offline, get in touch with the neighbours, eat and drink local products and get a truly historical experience. Next to Amsterdam's hyperspaces with 90% of people coming not from the direct surroundings, we believe places like Insulinde factory (super local) are essential for thriving neighbourhoods.

connecting square

During the design process, specific attention was given to the preservation of characteristic details. Because of the potential use and program, additional extensions were added to the existing buildings. All these extensions are focused around a square, connecting the old factory buildings as one ensemble. To bring back the historic value to the new planned extensions, historical Batik patterns were added and industrial materials were used. When the whole transformation is completed, this will be the vibrant heart for the Cruquiuseiland neighbourhood.


location Amsterdam Cruquiuseiland
size 5.500m2
client Amvest
timing Expected delivery at the end of 2017
location Cruquiuseilandm2
Mark Halbmeijer
Mark Halbmeijer
Milan Bergh
Milan Bergh
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