Moxy MilanMilan Malpensa

affordable luxury


In 2013 APTO Architects started with designing a multi-functional lobby for the first Moxy. Marriott's newest brand focused on the rapidly growing 3-star-tier segment. Moxy's focus is the millenial traveler, who understands that style can be delivered at attractive prices. The first Moxy hotel opened it's doors in Milan, near the Malpensa Airport.


The lobby is divided in four different zones: unplug (library and work), welcome (living room and entrance), F&B (bar, food and beverage) and lounge (chill and seating). The four zones have different looks to emphasize the function of the zone.
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Every Moxy Hotel is connected to its neighbourhood location by a special designed attribute in the lobby space. Milan, Italy, is known for it's fashion, therefore we designed a special artwork with e.a. mannequins. This creates an unique atmosphere in the lobby.


location Milan Malpensa
size 5.000m2
client Vastint
timing 2014
Mark Halbmeijer
Mark Halbmeijer
Milan Bergh
Milan Bergh
Maarten Filius
Maarten Filius
Mario van Kooij
Mario van Kooij
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