SPIR-IT cocoon


the cocoons

APTO designed organic cocoons, shaping the surrounding space and covering enclosed spaces. The shanks were digitally fabricated, enabling to produce organic shapes in an affordable way and save construction time. In addition, the shanks are demountable which makes it possible to reuse the design in a different office. To fit the character of the departments on the 4th floor, which are more technical than the department on the 3rd floor, APTO designed diamond-shaped working spaces. These spaces aim to improve the construction speed and by that way reduce costs. These spaces are formed by the Voronoi-principle.

The unique shapes of the Voronoi workspaces and the cocoons asked for a more efficient design and production process. To save time APTO developed an algorithmic script for both shapes. In these scripts the construction systems are defined. By changing the shape of the Voronoi or the cocoon, the geometry of the building elements is changed. The script is developed in such a way it directly creates production drawings. These drawings are organised in a way that a minimal amount of material is needed. Now APTO was able to postpone designing the spaces until the last moment before production and save an enormous amount of drawing time.
Mark Halbmeijer
Our design made it possible to make large budget cuts for Spir-it, because of the reduction of rented space.


location Utrecht
size 2500m2
client De Rechtspraak
timing 2011
Mark Halbmeijer
Mark Halbmeijer
Maarten Filius
Maarten Filius
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