The Automated FoodcourtEurope

the new generation of "convenience hospitality"

A concept that deepens the possibilities for fully autonomous solutions within the convenient food & drink experience. Together with cost effectiveness, safety and comfort. We propose the 1 min To Go, 5 min Coffee & Cocktails and the 15 min Live Cooking. 


Autonomous solutions by high-end technology emerge in every industry. But in the world of hospitality the two have been postponing their co-existence for a while. We have seen the pandemic act as an accelerator for the need for automation and self-service. Because the use of robots can lead to improvements in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness and even accuracy.


future proofness

COVID-19 has not only been a devastating public health crisis; it has also been the restaurant industry’s greatest challenge to date. Never before have so many restaurants been forced to cease operations; some will never reopen. Early indications—from China and other countries where the pandemic seemed to be under control—suggest that consumer demand won’t immediately rebound when restrictions are lifted. source: McKinsey & Company, 2020. ‘How restaurants can thrive in the next normal’

grab, go & stay

 There are several technical services that are required for the automated foodcourt. This is the part where operational parties can set themselves apart. The concept requires the following tech services:

• order & payment software

• automated restocking

• smart security

check out: Wunderware solutions

location Europe
size 300 - 2.000m2
client APTO Architects
timing 2020
Mark Halbmeijer
Mark Halbmeijer
Eliza Janmaat
Eliza Janmaat
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