The way we See things

circular hotspot

We need to seriously rethink our way of building. That’s why C-bèta is called into life: a new circular hotspot, a place to connect parties. APTO Architects was asked to reinvent the concept of the exhibition hall, optimize the businesscase and add a flex workspace area in the vacant farmhouse dated from 1895. As APTO is always looking for the real story to tell in a design, C-Bèta is a place of a million stories. Every piece of this puzzle was constructed in the thought of the circular way of building. Because circular is better than new.

7.000 M2 new ways of working

Commissioned by Ping Properties, APTO Architects is selected to work on the transformation of the 7.000 m2 C5 building at the Akzo property in Arnhem the Netherlands. A new headquarters is planned for opening end 2019. The area and building are not yet at their highest potential: it needs a valuable concept. Our design combines a modern character with the lightness and structure of the 1950s functionalism of the surrounding offices.

meet with the user

The Apto team organized an volunteering morning at ZGAO (Open Hof) to get in touch with the user of our design and off course to contribute to our neighborhood. Two generations were reconnected by gardening and cooking together. Get a glimpse of the atmosphere by watching this video!

reconnecting generations

The Park Room in the Brinkpark residential complex in Hoorn Blokker is open again! It is a social meeting place for the neighborhood and residents. Self organisation and social interaction are keydrivers. APTO organized brainstorm sessions at the start of this project together with residents, volunteers and surrounding businesses and residents. This input has been used to create the new zoning plan, bringing people together.
picture picture picture

our vision for cruquius

Imagine: living and working in Amsterdam, on a unique character spot on the water. Impossible? No, it is not. Cruquius combines industrial history with stylish new construction. In this episode Milan Bergh (director Apto Architects B.V.), the architect from Cruquius 1.5. speaks: "For me, Cruquius would be a success if it adds dynamics to Amsterdam-East, ensuring that new things happen and inspiring places emerge."

MONASTERY of the future

Yes! We are proud to share with you that we will redesign another NH hotel! NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof is located in Veldhoven and was formerly a monastery. The hotel has about 509 rooms and 80 board rooms. Visit the website of NH Hotels for more information about the hotel: https://www.nh-hotels.nl/

circular is better than new

C-Bèta opened its doors! Apto Architects redesigned the old farm at Schiphol Trade Park into a new experimental place for everyone who is involved with the circular economy. Our design will bring people together to integrate and upscale the circular economy in our world and we are proud of that!
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opening x meeting point

X Meeting Point in Oslo has officially opened its doors! Formerly known as Exporama, the interior and the façade of the new 20.000 square-meter expo and event venue has undergone a major facelift performed by APTO Architects.
The new next generation convention centre X Meeting Point is trendsetting by shifting from agricultural fairs and outdoor sport events to corporate pressure cookers. Surrounded by 50.000 square meter of Norwegian nature, the 20.000 m2 convention centre in Oslo needed this big transformation.

20.000 m2 meeting space renovated

We are enthusiastic to share our new project! Apto Architects will redesign one of the biggest conference centers in the Netherlands. NH Leeuwenhorst is located at Noordwijk and counts about 20.000 square meters. Visit the website of NH Hotels for more information about the hotel: https://www.nh-hotels.nl/

pitch - maintain sports in our cities

Our vision on city hospitality and how to maintain our sport facilities accessible within cities.

more grab&fly

So we've already told you about our little Grab & Fly #selfie tradition... Proud to share that Schiphol Airport soon will have another Grab & Fly unit designed by APTO Architects!