Published: Moxy hotel Copenhagen in Le Journal de la Maison


Moxy Copenhagen

The Moxy hotel vibe is all about not taking yourself too serious. However, the brand is serious about giving you a good time by offering small but smart rooms, stylish communal spaces and bars you’ll love. 

APTO Architects is involved since 2013, when the first Moxy hotel in Moxy Malpensa was built. Moxy Copenhagen is the 30th hotel on the long list of Moxy hotels that are designed by APTO. It has been great to see how the brand and design have evolved in the past years.  

The lobby is a vibrant place that makes you feel like sitting down and chill with your fellow travellers, meet new people, work, unwind or read a book. The DNA brand zone has a transition from vibrant to more quiet and focus areas. In the media zone up until the bar, you can unplug and work or have a meeting. Both lobby and hotel concept are focused on providing an affordable place to stay by leaving out all unnecessary services. 

We believe that creating moments of fun are strong brand values. It is the baseline motivation for people to remember where they are and make them want to come back.

Warm vibes are combined with the local look and feel of Copenhagen. Special graffiti per zone were curated with Amsterdam Street Art combining Copenhagen vibes with playful techy pieces. You can see that throughout the hotel, the styling is inspired on global influences mixed in with local elements. Next to styling and graffiti, local specials are designed to really give you a local taste. With Copenhagen being a biking city, bike wheels were transformed into lighting objects. 

Following the playful line of the design, all furniture has a strong diverse character but still has an industrial, chic look and feel. All materials are following these guidelines as well. Instead of dedicating certain areas to certain functions, the different atmospheres guide you to where you can focus, chill and where you can socialise. 

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