Focusing on digital, innovative and non-linear way of thinking
Amazed by the world, willing to improve it
Making experiences
From concept to smallest detail
Using creativity to go beyond the ordinary
User-centered design
Interior is like a puzzle. I am putting the pieces together.
Inspire to limitless imagination
Connect people with concepts
Create structure in the creative chaos
Research & design every day brings joy
Push the limits and discover
Attention to detail
Keeping overview with a down to earth and hands on mentality
Deliver projects above and beyond the expected.
Learn, explore, look and find
Impact society with human centered projects
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Junior Parametric Designer

In these years, we are constantly reminded of two things by the deluge of data. On one hand, of the urgency for all to awaken to this reality and start protecting our natural world. On the other hand, we are bombarded with the inevitable “omnipresence” of change; in fact digital information technology is developing at the speed of light. In this context, my focus is on creating value in this time of change, focusing on an ecological, digital, innovative and non-linear way of thinking, developing buildings which shape is originated by the complex relation that exists between digital architecture and the real environment.

Rodrigo M.

Junior Architect

Crazy in love with creativity and good ideas; Working hard to help those ideas become true. From my point of view, architecture is about the way we experience places. It´s about the context in which our lives develop. As an architect, I like experimenting with concepts, mixing, twisting and simplifying them. Connecting the dots towards a final simple solution. Always trying to identify the major threats of the assignment to turn them into the greatest features of the project. In conjunction with design, I find in painting my passion, a world where I can feel, discover and express myself.



In a time of extreme fast developments, increasing mobility and digitalized communication, people are looking for places to slow down. Places which connect you to the time and location of the moment, where the local character and atmosphere can be experienced. Places where people connect and get out of their daily rush and habits. I believe with architecture we can provide people these places. Finding the trigger to connect people with their environment is my focus.


Assistant Designer

Architects use all kinds of components, such as the context, the user, aesthetics and emotion to tell a story. My educational background illustrates my values during a design process. My bachelor at the art academy provided me all the freedom to develop concepts, to think ‘out of the box’ and be creative. My master degree at the technical university exposed the more practical and technical side; how to actually build the design. I like to combine both expertises and challenge myself to develop and translate the concept to the smallest details in the design. The ability to tell a story and thereby inspire people is what I love to do every day.

te Lintel Hekkert

Junior Interior Architect

Sketching, designing and creating where passions of mine since my memories can recall. Focusing on the creativity and not limiting myself to the ordinary is my expertise. Having the art academy as a basis and several years of work experience, I am able to realize ideas from the user’s point of view to well-functioning space(s). Guaranteeing the final product meets the expectation from the early design stage.


Junior Interior Architect

I’m always fascinated by how people behave differently in different spaces and how we experience the world through our senses. The time we spend inside a space needs to properly fit the human needs and the desires at that specific moment. This means creating strong concepts for adaptive environments. Interior spaces should feel comfortable and make sense for the people who live in them.


Junior Interior Architect

I became an interior architect to influence how people experience space and improve their way of living by improving these interiors. Creating a beautiful space where you cannot function in is not worth being in. Designing a good interior is like a puzzle with a lot of different pieces that we need to put together. Only when those pieces of functions and aesthetics fit together you get a good interior.


Concept developer

I kinda like it here.



Suprising people, asking the unconvenient questions, being the catalyst in design processes is my daily business. Creating concepts for places, so shared interests and ambitions are strenghtning eachother. My background and education in creative project development makes me a tourist in the architectural world. It enables me to think from a new role to create concepts which are truly integral. Rediscover the traditions of architects. Starting in my younger years family and friends encouraged me to exploit my sketching abilities. In my current role as concept developer, I use it to map and structure clients and users minds. A small sketch says more then thousand words.


Finance / HR / Management Assistant

When I started working at APTO it was my job to create order in the creative chaos: enable people to do their work. Nowadays I focus on the financial and HR part of APTO, but also still support the management in every possible way. The enthusiasm for new ideas by my colleagues and their dedication to realize them, motivates me to keep innovating our office and work systems.


Assistent Designer

Research and design have been a passion of mine since childhood. Imagining and trying to find out what is best for a target group is a challenge that I want to take on every day with great pleasure. With a pragmatic attitude, coming up with a concept and design that provides the target group with all their needs is what it’s all about in architecture for me.




Junior Interior Architect

As a designer I am constantly looking for ways to improve the spaces and objects that we use in our everyday life. Ever since I can remember I have asked myself why things are designed the way they are and how they are made. Naturally the next question I asked myself is: how can I improve our (designed) environment. At APTO we have the great opportunity to really think about these questions. Not only by creating concepts that connect people with spaces but also by thinking about the implementation of these concepts by doing research and sharing ideas. I like to pay close attention to details because I have a strong believe that details can make or break a design. It is important to really think about the usage of materials and the way they can improve our environment. In that way we can create designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also user-, and environmental friendly.




Senior Architect


Junior Architect

The opportunity to learn is a great privilege. It is also an obligation if you truly want to exploit your potential. In APTO learning is one of the most important elements in the process of designing. From doing research about a project location, through finding new materials and ecological solutions till brainstorming with our team - we learn, we explore, we look and we find. Constant exchange of ideas in our melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds and education systems creates a perfect environment for personal development and that is why I go to APTO every day.

Pulido Garzon

Technical Designer

What role does a corner play in the human condition? We have to design in a way that every corner of a building can be a particular place, a small space where the user likes to rejoice, relax, rest, live and above all to, it is a place that allows us to be ourselves. A place for imagination, to order our thoughts, to project our life, It is a intimacy space, just to define…who I am? And who do I want to be? In any context, spaces to share, to be creative and happy. Always centered in the human experience.

Del Rincon Yohn

join the team

Apto Architects is a platform for talent. We believe you should do what you love or are passionate about. Do you like our designs and can't wait to contribute to our work? We are always looking for enthusiastic people to join our team.

Internship (February 2021)

Do you share our ambition and want to contribute to our projects? 

We are looking for interns who:

  • Are studying architecture, construction, interior design or real estate (note that you actually need to be registered at an university or have a scholarship)
  • Are available for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Are able to start in February 2021.
  • Have skills in Revit and Rhinoceros. 3DSMax is an asset.
  • Have experience with team work and operating independent
  • Have skills in Adobe Indesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Are fluent in English. Fluent Dutch is an asset.
  • Are living near Amsterdam. Living in Amsterdam is an asset.

As an intern at APTO you will be working in one of our teams on varying projects doing design work from concept phase to realisation. The teams we work in are: interior, architecture and concepts. Please let us know in your application which team would suit you the most.

APTO believes in team members which take responsibility over their work and can fulfill this independently. We build our team from passionate people and will give you the opportunity to discover your full potential. What would that full potential be? What are your goals during this internship? Don’t hesitate to share your ambitions in your application.

Please email your CV and portfolio of your work to . Please note: by sending your application you automatically agree with APTO saving your personal data in our application database. 

Acquisition regarding this vacancy is not appreciated.


Senior Interieur Architect

Ben jij iemand die het aandurft om de klant uit te dagen en zoek je de grenzen op in de wereld van interieur architectuur?

De senior interieur architect is veranwoordelijk voor het ontwerpen en begeleiden van interieur projecten met de APTO factor. In samenwerking met de partners van Apto Architects zet jij de creatieve koers uit voor verschillende interieur projecten. Je bent in staat om een uniek en compleet interieur ontwerp te leveren en houdt het overzicht van begin tot eind.

Dit worden jouw taken

  • Ontwerpen van sterke interieur concepten (i.s.m. de partners)
  • Werken op alle fases van een project, van concept tot uitvoering
  • Deadlines bewaken en halen
  • Controleren van het ontwerp proces
  • Deelnemen aan presentaties van belangrijke opdrachten
  • Je bent een mentor en/of leider voor junior teamleden en/of stagiaires
  • Je ontwikkeld een goede werk relatie met onze klanten, het team etc.
  • Practief zijn en blijven in het verbeteren van opzetten van processen
  • Ontwerpen volgens APTO stijl met focus op storytelling, business sense en maakbaarheid.

Jij kan/hebt

  • Schets skills
  • Een papiertje (relevant HBO/WO diploma)
  • 5 jaar relevante ervaring in interieurprojecten van initiatie tot oplevering
  • Goede beheersing an Revit en Adobe Suite
  • Je bent communicatief sterk, en hebt een groot verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel
  • Woonachtig in Amsterdam of nabije omgeving is een pré

Wij bieden een open, positieve en dynamische werk omgeving met leuke collega’s, een mooi kantoor in Amsterdam. Je krijgt binnen ons bedrijf ontzettend veel vrijheid om je eigen draai te geven aan projecten en daarmee ook een grote verantwoordelijkheid. De werksfeer is informeel en ambitieus. We bieden een salaris conform CAO SFA gebaseerd op ervaring.

Stuur ons bij interesse een korte motivatiebrief waaruit je vaardigheden en ambities uit blijken. Voeg daar ook je portfolio bij waaruit blijkt wat jouw verantwoordelijkheid was bij het getoonde project. Stuur dit naar met onderwerp ‘senior interieur architect’ t.a.v. Jessica Magnée. We kijken uit naar je reactie!

Door jouw sollicitatie te versturen ga je automatisch akkoord met het bewaren van jouw persoonlijke gegevens in de sollicitanten database van APTO. 

Acquisitie op basis van deze vacature wordt niet gewaardeerd.


concept ontwikkelaar

Wil jij ook de volgende generatie plekken voor wonen, werken en ontspannen helpen creëren? Heb je affiniteit met nieuwe manieren van bouwen? Ben je klantgericht ingesteld, wil je elke week iets nieuws en jezelf elke dag opnieuw kennis eigen maken? Heb je geen last van plankenkoorts, kan je goed luisteren, maar tegelijkertijd ook energie overbrengen? Dan zijn we op zoek naar jou.

We zijn op zoek naar een gedreven concept ontwikkelaar die ontwerpopgaven in nauwe samenwerking met onze klanten (strategische partners), wilt helpen definiëren. We werken voor internationale hotelbrands, gebiedsontwikkelaars en investeerders/ontwikkelaars. We combineren strategie met technologie en ontwerp. Samen met een compact team van andere conceptontwikkelaars werken we aan nieuwe generatie plekken voor Hospitality, zorg, wonen en werken, en het liefst door elkaar heen. Als concept ontwikkelaar bereid je de opgaven voor voor onze interieur- en architectuur teams.

Wat verwachten we van jou?

We verwachten van jou dat je aan de ene kant gaat dromen, inspireren en uitdagen van klanten op het gebied van doelgroepen, leefstijlen, trends, verdienmodellen, belevingen en ruimte. En aan de andere kant om de gestelde ambities te kunnen koppelen aan de realiteit van ontwerpopgaven en de businesscase. Je denkt van binnen naar buiten, aan mensen en beleving en aan het leven koppelen aan programma en ruimte.

We zijn specifiek op zoek naar iemand met een opleiding en achtergrond in architectuur op TU niveau die wilt werken aan het realiseren van uitdagende architectuur, maar niet een traditionele architect wilt zijn.

Krijg je energie van bovenstaande omschrijving? Dan pas jij in ons team!

We zijn op zoek naar een concept ontwikkelaar die:

•     Beschikt over een relevant WO niveau (architectuur achtergrond)

•     Minimaal 2 jaar relevante werkervaring heeft

•     Goede beheersing heeft van Microsoft Office, Adobe suite en basis tekenprogrammatuur (AutoCAD, Rhino 3D)

•     Communicatief zeer vaardig is in zowel Nederlands als Engels

•     Goede handschets skills heeft om snel in gesprekken klanten te kunnen inspireren

•     Een probleemoplosser is die goed anticipeert

•     Woonachtig in Amsterdam of nabije omgeving is een pré

Wanneer is Apto de juiste plek voor jou?

  • Je bent op zoek naar een uitdagende en verantwoordelijke baan bij een jonge en informele organisatie
  • Gezelligheid is belangrijk: er wordt gezamelijk geluncht en er zijn regelmatig borrels
  • Je wordt ingeschaald volgens CAO SFA. Je inschaling is afhankelijk van werkervaring en opleiding. Schroom niet om je salaris indicatie mee te sturen.
  • Graag stellen wij een groeiplan met jou op om je te helpen blijven ontwikkelen!

Heb jij deze skills en wil je ons team versterken? Stuur een e-mail met je CV en motivatiebrief naar t.a.v. Daniëlle Rietveld voor 15 september 2020.

Acquisitie met betrekking tot deze vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld.


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