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Rodrigo M.

Junior Architect

Crazy in love with creativity and good ideas; Working hard to help those ideas become true. From my point of view, architecture is about the way we experience places. It´s about the context in which our lives develop. As an architect, I like experimenting with concepts, mixing, twisting and simplifying them. Connecting the dots towards a final simple solution. Always trying to identify the major threats of the assignment to turn them into the greatest features of the project. In conjunction with design, I find in painting my passion, a world where I can feel, discover and express myself.


Junior Interior Architect

I’m always fascinated by how people behave differently in different spaces and how we experience the world through our senses. The time we spend inside a space needs to properly fit the human needs and the desires at that specific moment. This means creating strong concepts for adaptive environments. Interior spaces should feel comfortable and make sense for the people who live in them.



Suprising people, asking the unconvenient questions, being the catalyst in design processes is my daily business. Creating concepts for places, so shared interests and ambitions are strenghtning eachother. My background and education in creative project development makes me a tourist in the architectural world. It enables me to think from a new role to create concepts which are truly integral. Rediscover the traditions of architects. Starting in my younger years family and friends encouraged me to exploit my sketching abilities. In my current role as concept developer, I use it to map and structure clients and users minds. A small sketch says more then thousand words.


Technical Modeller

Improving quality of life, making things easier and more fun with less investment needed. These, I believe, are some of the fundamental goals that people across the world share. I find pride and joy in making these goals achievable. In my job as technical modeller I strive to help others attain these goals by being the link between designer and builder. By improving my own knowledge and skills I am able to provide designers, builders and users a technical solution to their aesthetical vision. Seeing the vision of the designer becoming reality, because of the engineering that makes it possible, is a great reward for me as technical modeller. Aside my main job I’m very much drawn to computer technology and all possibilities it provides in our field of business. By learning about these possibilities I’m able to support my colleges in their day to day usage of IT assets.


Interior Architect

I’m attracted to discover people feelings and I believe in the incredible power of Architecture to generate emotions. The light and its relation with time, colors and materials, shapes and details are the tools we have to create an experience. By using them rightly it’s possible to connect people and create energy. My sensitive and curious mind made me an architect, my attention to everyday life guides me to design spaces in a responsible way.


Interior Architect

As an inquisitive and motivated person, I try to look for creative solutions by making conscious choices with the focus on developing ideas by doing research. I have a strong affinity for materials. In my projects I try to look for the right use of materials that suits on various aspects; budget, look&feel, sustainability and use.


Management Assistant

When I started working at APTO it was my job to create order in the creative chaos. Enable people to do their work. Nowadays I'm also a little part of the creative when working in PR. The enthusiasm for new ideas by my colleagues and their dedication to realize them makes my blood run faster. This motivates me to innovate our office and work systems. My own goals at APTO are continuing to create peace, but most importantly, make everyone feel at "home" at APTO.


Concept Developer

I am intrigued by cities and their people. It is always interesting to see how the built environment influences its users and vice versa. As concept developer I can contribute to shaping a more fitting society for its users on a daily basis. From interiors to regional visions, I am creating spatial solutions with the bigger picture in mind. With my background in urbanism, I find an integral approach and respect for the character of the place essential in every project, realizing that every (re)development has effect on its surrounding. And with environmental awareness as part of my upbringing, sustainability is part of my designer DNA. After having worked abroad for some years and now within an international team at APTO, I believe that global knowledge and experience lead to the best local solutions. Surrounded by creative and visionary people, I enjoy sharing ideas, discussing the next steps in shaping our society and how it can improve our happiness. Within APTO Labs, I can put this passion into studies to stay at the forefront of development trends and create future proof designs.


Front Office


Junior Interior Architect




Junior Architect

The opportunity to learn is a great privilege. It is also an obligation if you truly want to exploit your potential. In APTO learning is one of the most important elements in the process of designing. From doing research about a project location, through finding new materials and ecological solutions till brainstorming with our team - we learn, we explore, we look and we find. Constant exchange of ideas in our melting pot of different cultures, backgrounds and education systems creates a perfect environment for personal development and that is why I go to APTO every day.



In a time of extreme fast developments, increasing mobility and digitalized communication, people are looking for places to slow down. Places which connect you to the time and location of the moment, where the local character and atmosphere can be experienced. Places where people connect and get out of their daily rush and habits. I believe with architecture we can provide people these places. Finding the trigger to connect people with their environment is my focus.

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