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De Groene Stad

A nature inclusive living world for the 'Tuinder' living in Amsterdam West.

Connect people and bring them together in a fun, innovative and sustainable living environment.

Location Amsterdam
Area 24.000 sqm
Type Living, Leisure
Client Latei

Apto Architects collaborated in a wide team of experts to create a concept and design that matched the high ambitions of the location. Podium F Amsterdam, the area next to Cornelis Lelylaan, will be developed as a metropolitan area with high density. With De Groene Stad, a vertical neighborhood was defined as a cornerstone and catalyst for the area. A community for a lifestyle of sharing, environmental awareness and working on the future together. Shared communal green on the roofs for urban farming, green facades for filtering CO2 particles from the air and a wide variety of energy reducing features were implemented to create this “Green City”. Apto was responsible for both concept and architectural design.

The building connects multiple public street levels by its central inner courtyard.
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During the development of the program and concept. Apto collaborated closely with Berci Florian and many local actors in the area to ensure a good operational phase of especially ground level functions. The top floor hosts a special restaurant cooking with local and seasonal products overlooking the city of Amsterdam from the West.

Plinths with community hubs The plinths of the builing hosts different types of places from co-working to recycle points and repair shops.
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