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ReRoot economic model

New economic models for agriculture

New regenerative models

location Bufferzones Nature 2000 areas (5km)
partners Regeneration Collection
planning 2024

New economic models

Farmers are in disarray. More than ever, they have little perspective and are forced to produce more & harder than ever before. Socially and politically, there is enormous pressure towards a sustainable transition of the agricultural production landscape. One in which ‘new’ revenue models go hand in hand with nature and soil restoration and balanced farming. Our focus is on the most vulnerable areas within 5 km from nature 2000 zones. As Apto we see two opportunities for new economic models: We see a growing need for office organizations and their employees in the city to be closer to nature and to work there. Hybrid working is the norm. We believe in opportunities for co-working in rural areas. Next to that we see a huge increase of staycations and travelling in groups, with a growing urge to discover dutch nature. 


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As most vacation parcs have their focus on cabins hosting 2 till 8 persons, we believe in the power of groups and togetherness. With Regeneration Collection we created lodges that host up to 20 persons (1o rooms). With flexible living spaces where corporates can brainstorm, work in groups and have training sessions during week days. During the weekends families and friends from 10 to 20 people have the opportunity to stayover.

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Join our platform and contribute your way to a rural area that makes everyone happy.

Flexible living spaces Connected to outdoors. Enjoying family time or having a brainstorm with your colleagues.
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