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ReRoot Revolution

From local to area-focused business models.

Towards a rural area of the near future

Our need for places where can live, work and relax in harmony with nature is greater than ever. As ReRootRevolution we are committed to a feasible transition of the rural area. We start from the natural system and the economic and social interests. While thinking cooperatively about a new mix of business models, we create a sustainable financial foundation. A transition to an area in which agriculture, nature, healthy recreation and accommodation go hand in hand. The natural system is our source of inspiration, our central business model, our social ánd connecting factor.



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With professionals who have insight into natural systems, professionals from the agricultural sector, agricultural entrepreneurs and professionals from the hospitality industry, we strive for rural areas….

Where we think from the power of the mix,

Where recreation and regenerative agriculture go hand in hand,

where we actively work on the restoration of the site,

where tuning to the abiotic system addresses the nitrogen problem,

where the soil & water system is restored,

where nature is given room to grow,

where hospitality is the starting point,

where local and new parties find a future,

where new knowledge is developed and shared,

where we think in systems and networks,

where local thinking creates large-scale impact,

where the goals from the Paris 2050 climate agreement will be achieved by 2040.


We believe in an area-oriented approach, in which we look for strength in cooperative business models, locally and regionally. Clustering these not only creates a commercial model that is profitable, but also keeps the land value in balance. We create areas where people will be inspired and naturally tempted to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Where we are now

We have started a research and are on the eve of first experiments. We are convinced of region-specific approaches, for which we are looking for partners. Our first focus are the transition areas, the broad zones around our nature cores where the need for transition is greatest. For each location, it is examined who from the consortium can make the right impact. For each location, there is cooperation in a cooperative model with existing residents and local stakeholders. The first step is a clubhouse, from which the community and the area can further expand. A foundation for continuous advice and boosting every location for owners and local authorities.


Will you join us?

Join our platform and contribute your way to a rural area that makes everyone happy.

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