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Circular Work Locations

Strategy for implementing circular principles for future area developments in the West axes of Holland.

Strategy circular work

Location West-as, the Netherlands
Clients SADC, Gemeente Haarlemmermeer, Port of Amsterdam
Timing 2019
Partners Metabollic, Ecorys, Akro Consult
official start
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BREEAM, LEED, WELL certifications, circular construction are just a few of the many sustainability initiatives playing an increasingly important role in the built environment. However, there is an ongoing struggle for area developers to set clear sustainable goals for developing the new areas. It is often unlcear exactly which options are available or beneficial from a local and regional perspective. Which financial costs and even social consequences are involved. This creates uncertainty, meaning sustainability initiatives are often waived or not ambititous. Together with Schiphol Area Development Company, Metabolic and Ecorys, Apto Architects has assessed how we can create transparency at work locations about sustainable goals and how we can make these goals measurable. Resulting in a framework, which can be used per location. To develop it based on circular principles and more important to clearly communicate to commercial developers  about the way they can contribute on building level to the circular ambitions of that specific location. Currently Apto supports multiple local governments to setup the specific local ambitions on circularity. Translating it into a model used to measure the effect for a sustainable future.

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Expert sessions

Recently we have joined a collaborative committee to share are knowlegde on circular principles in area development. Together with other experts we help municipality and landowners to translate their ambitions into senseful and meaningful circular principles for their development locations.

Full report If you wish to receive the full report on circular work locations, please send us an email.
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