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Park apartments

More park AND more apartments

Location village in the south of the Netherlands
Client Marwijmo vastgoedontwikkeling
Size 3500 m2
Timing 2024
Commission Permit process and Architecture
Challenge Optimize both green and housing
Process historic analysis to BeeldKwaliteitsplan to Bestemmingsplanwijziging to build
housing complex st willebrord - apto architects

Living in a sacred place

The transformation of a bank building into housing at an almost sacred place. In one of the Netherland’s last processional parks, we are building a stepped apartment complex. The building shows great respect for the existing religious place. The church and park is the origin of existence of the village, and should remain visible from all places in the village.

The park meanders through the building. First the plot was not a part of the park, now the park already starts in the core of the building. From the street a public route to the park leads through the courtyard inside. All residences have access over a lazy outdoor staircase through the communal courtyard garden into the park. To avoid confusion in privacy, the garden is elevated. This also avoids high construction costs of a parking garage by parking the cars under the garden. This solution takes all cars off the street and out of sight to allow for more park.

materials architecture - apto architects
connect to park - apto architects

More park AND more apartments

Although the permit allows more, we build a modest volume of three layers with a set back on the top to give a significant area back to the park. The stepped shape of the building follows the existing trees. The at first closed block is separated into free standing volumes to further reduce the scale and allow access to the park. In comparison to the first plan of 23 dwellings, we managed to build 34 apartments whilst also adding more green area to the park.

On the first floor, the floor plans measure 110 m2 to attract the liveliness of families, while above are apartments measure 70 m2. All units are both connected to the village side and courtyard – park side.

Give green back-apto
public space - apto architects
respect the existing park - apto
decorative image
decorative image
dorpsstraat st willebrord-apto architects
interior of pizzeria da Michele with mural of Julia Roberts

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