Apto World
ReRoot Revolution
Activating the combined zones.
From local to area-focused business models.
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A stage for innovation.
A space that functions like a theatre, but thinks like a computer
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La Contessa
The 'last' chapter of the transformation of the 'Insulinde fabriek' complex.
An all-day concept for a high-end Italian restaurant with fresh Italian products. Besides that there is a 'Gelateria' with Italian delicacies.
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Via Village
A full service 24/7 business destination
A multifunctional area with offices, residences and leisure activities.
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Concierged boutique apartments
Concierged boutique apartments concept for unlocking neighbourhoods, travelling together and feeling at home.
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X Meeting Point
From show events to innovation spot with immersive experiences.
The new next generation convention centre X Meeting Point is trendsetting by shifting from agricultural fairs and outdoor sport events to corporate pressure cookers. Surrounded by 50.000 square meter of Norwegian nature, the 20.000 m2 convention centre in Oslo needed a big transformation.
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An island on an island as local community hotspot
For Zeeburgereiland in Amsterdam APTO Architects develops a local neighbourhood hotspot. Families, students and status holders are mingling in an easy going environment.
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Moxy Hotels
The millennial brand
More than 50 hotels designed for the millennial brand of Marriott and “Apto Architects designed the first Moxy in the world”
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De Groene Stad
Connected by green
A nature inclusive living world for the 'Tuinder' living in Amsterdam West.
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SHV Energy
A valley of green at the core of the workplace.
An employee focused workplace with a valley of green and hospitality at its core.
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De Uitsmijter
The power of simplicity
A hyperspecialised café focusing on the power of simple with a classic Dutch dish.
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Pick and Bike
The new generation of “bike logistics”.
Bike logistics as blueprint for the city.
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Circular Hotspot
Sharing, inventing and creating new solutions for the circular economy.
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Teijin Aramid
Creating chemistry
Apto Architects has transformed the former lab of Teijin Aramid into a workspace of 6.000 sqm.
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Courtyard Chester
New movement at trainstation area
This new Courtyard hotel located next to Chester trainstation. The movements around this place are translated into a dynamic, parametric and modular facade.
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A studio to connect future residents and partners to new living environments of Amvest
Amvest studio's to inspire and meet with their clients, future residents and partners.
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Grab & Fly
It is all about speed
Facilitating the speedy customer “Speed in service, speed in appearance, speed in construction”
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Circular Work Locations
A framework to develop true circular work locations
Strategy for implementing circular principles for future area developments in the West axes of Holland.
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A solution for 'forced city leavers'.
Land_Goed offers a solution for forced city leavers: people with an urban mentality who are forced to leave the city, but who are looking for a special and affordable place to live in the vicinity of the city.
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Unlock the institution
A transition from assistive living facility for elderly to a community centre for the neighbourhood.
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